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Islamic Home Financing

Islamic Home Financing

Eligibility Criteria

  • The financing is for the purchase of a completed residential unit or for construction or renovation of a residential unit
  • The financing is payable in Ringgit Malaysia
  • The financing must not be under any notice of partial or full redemption.
  • Fully disbursed and amortised over financing period
  • 12 monthly instalments must have been paid
  • Remaining maturity must not be less than 5 years or more than thirty 30 years
  • The outstanding amount should not exceed RM2 million for landed property and RM1 million for non-landed property as at the purchase date
  • The payment of principal or profit must not be suspended, rescheduled or restructured within 12 months prior to the purchase date
  • Payment record must not be more than 1 month past due in the 12 months period prior to purchase date
  • If leasehold land, remaining leasehold tenure must at least be 20 years upon expiry of financing tenure
  • comply with other criteria as per Cagamas' requirements

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